TextShuttle is a language technology company that specializes in multilingual solutions. We combine many years of expertise in machine translation, sentiment analysis, and text mining. We have a background in academia and industry. We have worked on cross-language search solutions, terminology extraction, answer extraction and bio-medical text mining.

about the company name

A shuttle is an old device used in weaving. It's the piece that transports the yarn through the loom. Back and forth. A shuttle is also a high-tech device transporting astronauts to space. Back and forth.

Following the picture we are transporting texts between languages and between different formats. TextShuttle transforms texts to new textures, into new languages, into condensed form, or into enriched linguistic annotations.

TextShuttle gratefully acknowledges support
from the Swiss venture kick initiative.

EU flagTextShuttle was partner to Vicomtech in the EU project SUMAT: An Online Service for SUbtitling by MAchine Translation (2011-2014)

TextShuttle uses modern language technology, combining linguistic and statistic methods. This speeds up the development process and guarantees a short time to market. We have proven that Statistical Machine Translation works particularly well for film and TV subtitles. Our system achieves a good translation quality since it exploits and recycles human-translated subtitles.

Our second focus lies on multilingual sentiment analysis and opinion mining (English, German, French, Italian). We deliver customer-tailored solutions in reputation analysis, be it through social media monitoring or based on traditional newspaper texts. Unlike many other vendors, we are not interested in state-of-the-art systems, we instead strive to realise approaches on the cutting-edge of this dynamic field.

  1. Building Machine Translation Systems
  2. Multilingual Text Alignment and Analysis
  3. Customized Solutions to Sentiment Analyis and Opinion Mining for Reputation Analysis and Social Media Monitoring


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TextShuttle GmbH is based in Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland, a short way between the business centers of Zurich and Zug.

Email: info@textshuttle.ch

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